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The conference
will be held in Chongqing
Conference date
15 to 16 November, 2020
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Mr. Yang
Q Q:1114652846
Mr. Zhang
TEL :15354384131
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Latest Announcement
Ten excellent articles will be recommended for publication in SSCI journals (Business, Accounting, Finance, Economics)


Details of Charges


Registration charges dollar/RMB

Author (non-student)/Author (student) within 5 pages

340dollar/ 2000RMB,300 dollar / 1800RMB  

Team contributes 

270dollar/ 1600RMB/5-10 articles, 250 dollar / 1500 RMB /over 10 articles

Charges of excess pages

40dollar/ 200RMB(page)

Participation only, no submission

220 dollar /1200RMB/person,180 dollar /1000RMB/over 3 persons in a group

Additional purchased articles

100 dollar/550 RMB/one

Invited speakers



The above fees exclude the price of Chinese tax invoices. If you choose to issue international electronic invoices in both Chinese and English, the fee will be increased by 200 CNY.

(1) At least one author is registered for each paper.

(2) Registration fees include layout fees, and the fees of conference materials, welcome dinner, lunch, dinner, gifts, refreshments, paper periodicals, etc. Transportation and accommodation fees are the author’s own expense.

(3) Paper registration fees include publishing fees, and the fees of paper publications, etc.

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