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The conference
will be held in Chongqing
Conference date
15 to 16 November, 2020
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Ten excellent articles will be recommended for publication in SSCI journals (Business, Accounting, Finance, Economics)



2020ICIALLE The conference will focus on the latest study domains of “arts, literature, humanities, linguistics and pedagogy” to provide a platform for researchers, scholars and industry professionals to introduce their latest research results and exchange new ideas and experiences with participants.

The conference will be held in Chongqing from 15 to 16 November, 2020 . Professionals and technicians engaged in related technical research are warmly welcome to contribute and participate in the conference.

Articles accepted for publication at this conference will be published in 【Lecture Notes in Arts, Literature and Linguistics (ISSN: 2521-8433)】 and submitted to CPCI/ISTP and CNKI for collection and retrieval.



Notes for contribution: (first contribute, first review, first submit)

1. The longest period of publication is 3 months from the submission time of registration materials

2. Articles must have abstract, title, author, unit, necessary icon, result, main references, etc

3.The article must be written in English

4. Do not submit more than one manuscript. All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed. The review cycle varies slightly according to the time of the reviewing teacher in 1 to 3 days generally

5. Contribution process: submission→review→acceptance→registration→issuance of ordinary VAT invoice(special invoice) →electronic version→paper version →retrieval

【If you have contributed to the mailbox in the official website, please contact the teachers of the conference affairs group and inform the responsible teachers of the conference to check. Thank you.】

Academic ethics:

Articles submitted to the conference shall report on original research results that have not been published before, whether experimental or theoretical, and shall not be published elsewhere. We firmly believe that moral behavior is the most important virtual behavior in any academic circle. Therefore, any plagiarism is a totally unacceptable academic misconduct, which cannot be tolerated. If the author is found guilty of plagiarism, the following actions will be taken:

1). Refuse to submit articles or delete articles in final publications.

2). Report the author's violations to his/her supervisory and subsidiary bodies

3). Report the author's violations to the supervisory office of the corresponding academic ethics and research funding institutions.

4). Reserve the right to publish details such as author's name, article title, affiliate's name and plagiarist's misconduct

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